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Exploring the Hidden Gems of Hong Kong

Written by Jhalak Shah & Trisha Daswani (Co-Founders of GetHigh HK - @gethigh_hk)

With travel at a standstill, the urge to explore still lingers. We, here at GetHigh HK, have made it our mission to show you what lies beyond our concrete jungle.

Have a look at our top 6 hikes to explore the hidden gems of Hong Kong!

Click the hike you would like to discover for more details!

1. Rhino Rock

One of our all-time favourite hikes in Hong Kong. It involves venturing off the beaten path, but you’re rewarded with panoramic views of glistening blue waters. For the daredevils out there, you could also try climbing onto the famous ‘Rhino Rock’.

Difficulty: 7/10, Duration: 2.5 hours, Instagrammability: 5/5

2. Kowloon Peak

One of the most rewarding hikes Hong Kong has to offer. Not only is it a great substitute for leg-day at the gym, but it also gives you breath-taking views of the city. Be sure to stop at Suicide Cliff as well. If you’re lucky, you can catch an amazing sunset!

Difficulty Rating: 7/10, Duration: 1.5 hours, Instagrammability: 5/5

3. Tai Tam Mound Waterfall

There’s nothing like a waterfall to cool off after a hike in Hong Kong's piping hot summer. This waterfall is truly a hidden gem, and you will likely have the entire space to yourselves to swim in.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10, Duration: 4 hours, Instagrammability: 4/5

4. Sharp Island

For a quick weekend getaway, we’d recommend camping on Sharp Island. The sparkling blue water will make you feel like you hopped on a plane for a little beach vacation!

Difficulty Rating: 4/10, Duration: 1 hour, Instagrammability: 5/5

5. Pineapple Hill

This hike brings you to Hong Kong’s very own mini Grand Canyon. An underrated hike hidden far away in Yuen Long.

Difficulty Rating: 2/10, Duration: 1.5 hours, Instagrammability: 2/5

6. Ng Tung Chai Waterfall

Did someone say waterfall hopping? During this hike, you’ll not only encounter one but four gorgeous waterfalls all in one trail. This, in our opinion, is the best waterfall hike in Hong Kong.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10, Duration: 3 hours, Instagrammability: 4/5



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